Dimension Daves

Join the search for the ultimative, the original, the one and only: DAVE!

Compete against up to seven other daves, to find out who is the best of you and who really deserves to be called Dave. Run as fast as you can, adapt to quick dimensional hops, master their unique mechanics and collect the shiny things. 


  • Multiplayer with up to 8 players
  • hop through up to 9 Dimensions or select your favourite ones
  • different mechanics for each level
  • different shiny collectables for each level
  • pick your own Dave-name out of a ton of hand selected ones
  • find out who of you is the chosen Dave


Jan Bade 

Felize Büttner 

Isah Hoffmann 

Leon Kämmerling 

Artur Keil 

Mario Lampert 

Florian Oetke


dimension_daves_final_linux.zip 67 MB
dimension_daves_final_mac.zip 76 MB

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